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Forensic Facial Identification Course (Advanced) One-on-One Premium Course

Time & Location & Price

Course dates are flexible
3 days x 4 hours (12 hours)

One-on-One Course (Online)

Course Price: 1500 € 

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About The Course


The face is the most identifiable part of the human body. The human face has the characteristics of recognizing the people we know and distinguishing them from others. Each face has its own morphological features and these characteristics include significant details that make the face unique. Forensic facial identification is the process of analysing visual information and comparing the images/video footages of a criminal with target images based on the methods of morphological analyses, craniofacial superimposition and anthropometric measurements of the facial landmarks.


Among these analyses, forensic facial analysis plays an important role in forensic investigations in order to confirm or exclude identity from images.


This course reviews the concept of Forensic Facial Identification methods. Furthermore, it aims to gain skills to course participants on applying analysis and mapping of the face in forensic cases. We will focus facial anatomy, structure of the facial skeleton, facial landmarks, anthropometry (ratios/landmarks/measurements), characteristics and types of the face, facial comparison techniques. 


Forensic Facial Identification Course is conducted via Zoom. It is a one-to-one course. I will provide you all the case files and documents you need for the training. 


All you just need for the course is Adobe Photoshop (free trial version can be downloaded) or Gimp. 


The course dates are flexible which consists of 3 x 4 hours appointments. After the payment of the course fee, I will decide the 3 course dates with the course participant.

Components of Forensic Facial Identification Course;

01 _ Overview and Basic Concepts of Forensic Facial Identification

02 _Forensic Facial Analysis in Forensic Sciences  

03 _Facial Anatomy & Craniofacial Growth & Development

04 _ Morphological Characteristics used in Forensic Facial Comparison

05 _Facial Anthropology & Facial Ageing

06 _Facial Anthropometry & landmarks

07 _Craniofacial Superimposition

08 _Facial Identification Standards & Conclusion Scales

09 _ Morphological Examinations in Facial Mapping

10 _ CCTV footage Analysis & Limitations

11 _Report writing

12 _Practical Case Studies

13 _Bonus - 3D Facial Analysis -3D Scanning  - 3D scan of the face used in Forensic Facial Comparison

14 _Case Study Presentations & Mock Courts


*Course participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Please find the 3 payment options below.

(*please send me a notification email ( after payment)

Option 1: Bank Transfer

Bank account;
Remittee: Ozgur Bulut
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
Address: Venloer Str. 295, 50823 Cologne Germany
Bank Account Number: 1934 7458 35
IBAN: DE05 3705 0198 1934 7458 35
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