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Facial Reconstruction of U-Man


A  facial reconstruction case was performed with Manchester Method in a research study.

The skull indicates strong muscle attachments at the occipital bone, mastoid processes, temporal bone. These features suggest that the skull belongs to muscular build male.

The skull exhibits an upright profile and long to rounded cranial shape.  It indicates a steepled nasal root, moderate nasal width and prominet external occipital protuberance.  It has a prominent nose and chin, moderate inter orbital distance, strong brow ridges and deep canine fossae. The skull also exhibits sharp and prominent cheek bones, normal dental occlusion and no prognathism.


Most of the features of the skull are consistent with a Caucasoid-type ancestry. This suggests an individual of White European, Asian (from the Indian sub-continent), Middle Eastern or North African origin.

We offer realistic reconstructions



Invent Human I Ozgur Bulut I

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