Course dates are flexible (3 days) | One-on-One Premium Course (Online)

FLEXIBLE Online - 3D Computerised Facial Reconstruction Course

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Time & Location

Course dates are flexible (3 days)
One-on-One Premium Course (Online)

About The Course

3D Computerized Facial Reconstruction course is conducted via Zoom. It is a one-to-one course. I will provide you all the 3D files and documents you need for the training. You will also receive my pdf presentations, which include facial reconstruction theory and techniques along with the visual representations. You will learn all the steps of the 3D facial reconstruction.

All you just need ZBrush software (free one-month trial version can be downloaded) and Zoom. The course dates are flexible. I will decide the most convenient dates with the course participant.

3D Computerized Facial Reconstruction Course takes a multidisciplinary approach to 3A (Art, Anthropology and Anatomy). It covers the reconstruction of the face based on the bony structure of the skull. Participants will build facial muscles on to the face utilising 3D softwares. 

Components of 3D Computerized Facial Reconstruction Course;

01 _ 3D Objects and File Types (obj., stl., Dicom, etc.)

02 _ Post-processing of the 3D Objects

03 _ Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy of the Head and Neck

04 _ Ancestry & Facial Types

04 _ Facial Soft Tissue Thicknesses (FSTT)

05 _ Principles of Forensic & Archaeological Reconstructions

06 _ Prediction of the Facial Structures (Nose, Mouth, Ears and the Eyes)

07 _ Practical Facial Reconstruction

*Course participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

For price & other details about the course: